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After the Grifo A3/C’s early successes, the Scuderia decided to retire the model from the racing circuits. It entered into an agreement with Bizzarrini that allowed him to continue racing the two existing cars and eventually build other similar vehicles with all the chassis, power trains and mechanical components made available by IsoRivolta. He could not use the IsoRivolta name, but if he was successful in racing, IsoRivolta could claim paternity of the cars.

This opportunity never came about, and when Bizzarrini closed down production in 1968, the agreement became null and void; any remaining components were bought back by IsoRivolta. A total of 24 Grifo A3/Cs could potentially have been built, considering the number of chassis parts made available.

In the early 1970s Piero Rivolta joined forces with Frank Williams and Marlboro to put together a Formula One racing team called Iso-Marlboro. Despite a limited budget, especially for the drivers, the team completed two full seasons on the Formula One circuit with good results. Subsequently, when Piero sold the company, Frank Williams found a partner in Kuwait and enjoyed a series of great successes with these cars.

The Formula One vehicles were using Ford engines, so during this period IsoRivolta changed the engine in all their production cars from GM to Ford, thereby strengthening its relations with Ford and also demonstrating consistency among the racing and Gran Turismo cars.

GM and Ford engines—two excellent American hearts for these vehicles.

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