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The symbolism of the griffon reflects the credo dating back through generations of the Rivolta-Barberi family members, who attempted new ventures with little or no fear, leading to a series of innovative transportation products from the motorcycle to the Isetta and IsoRivolta cars. In the beginning the griffon icon was used only with the sports line of the two-seaters, but its use was eventually extended to all of the cars with the introduction of a new logo.


The emblem depicted the griffon on a white field with stripes of green, white and red behind it, representing the colors of the Italian flag. It was designed by Piero’s wife Rachele, whom everyone called Lele, like the car named after her that debuted in 1969. In the new design, Rachele had outlined the figure of the griffon in order to show its form more clearly and had made its wings resemble a mechanical gear.

The griffon icon thereafter became an intrinsic visual in all of the projects the Rivoltas pursued, including the design and construction of boats and buildings, as well as real estate development.

The history of IsoRivolta is singular in the dynamic way that it changed with the times, with the main intention of remaining independent and creative—a kind of renaissance way of doing business. 

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