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In the words of Piero, Renzo Rivolta’s son:

“I don’t remember the exact occasion, but at one point in time Nuccio Bertone, my father and I were seated together in the grand reception room of our family villa in Bresso, which faced the park that separated our residence from the factory. Nuccio Bertone, the famous automotive designer and builder, was always very attentive to detail and had noticed the images of four large griffons painted on the vaulted ceiling of the room.

My father explained the symbolism of this mythological animal and what it had to do with our family history. The griffon, with the head of an eagle and the body of a winged lion, signifies power and perfection because it combines the two most majestic creatures of the earth and sky. It also stands for protection, fearlessly executed with swift precision.

Perhaps the image of the mighty eagle, also a symbol for America, was a sort of premonition, since in the late 1970s I moved there and became a United States citizen.”

Sometime later, while discussing the new two-seater that the ISO Rivolta and Bertone companies had decided to launch together, Nuccio Bertone suggested using the name “Grifo” and showed a sketch of the icon for the car. Everyone agreed with enthusiasm.

The symbolism of the griffon reflects the credo dating back through generations of the Rivolta-Barberi family members, who attempted new ventures with little or no fear, leading to a series of innovative transportation products from the motorcycle to the Isetta and ISO Rivolta cars. In the beginning the griffon icon was used only with the sports line of the two-seaters, but its use was eventually extended to all of the cars with the introduction of a new logo.

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Renzo Rivolta was born in Desio, a town just north of Milan, into a family of well-respected industrialists, who were very active in the community.
In 1936, Renzo married Marion Barberi, whose family was based in Turin, shared a similar heritage and also was known to have a great cultural and artistic tradition. Renzo and Marion both exhibited a passion for nature and for beautiful, fascinating things. The core business of the Rivolta family was in milling wood and related products. This instilled in Renzo a deep appreciation for trees, which he planted wherever he could; but he also had a passion for speed and mechanical devices, which was the true spark that ignited the ISO and ISO Rivolta story.

In 1939, Renzo bought a small company called Isothermos that was producing refrigerators and heaters. He later relocated his family and business to a XXVIII century villa surrounded by a large tract of land situated in Bresso, right on the Milan city limit. Renzo and Marion put a lot of love and effort into restoring the classic mansion—which is known to this day as Villa Rivolta.

They also planted many new trees in the grounds of the existing estate to create a lovely area that later was dubbed the Renzo Rivolta Public Park, following the wishes of their son Piero. In line with the family’s industrialist nature, they built their new factory next to the park.

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The post-World War II economic boom marked the advent of the modern GT. Back then, commuter flights and high speed rail travel were non-existent, so Gran Turismos catered to the industrialist or executive who needed to comfortably and rapidly travel for business or vacation.

Iso patriarch Renzo Rivolta was the prototypical Gran Turismo client. He owned several over the years, including models by Jaguar and Maserati. The cars’ road limitations and unreliability often left him frustrated; he was certain that others experienced similar disappointment.

Seeing an opportunity for improvement, the company entered the GT industry in the early 1960s. Rivolta’s design and development team created a sophisticated platform chassis more advanced than anything else being used at the time. The result was a fast car that offered a relaxing, forgiving drive and excellent road handling. The era’s fallibility issues were overcome by fitting the vehicles with powerful and reliable Chevrolet Corvette engines—thereby achieving comfortable,

Italian style with an all-American heart.

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Made by Zagato as a tribute to celebrate the rebirth of ISO Rivolta, the GTZ combines design and performance, like its progenitors: the historical ISO Rivoltas GTs. The flowing fender, the raked fastback, together with a curved windscreen and the side air vents create a perfect elegant and proportioned car.

The body is made by two major elements in carbon fiber to contain the weight and to offer a sculptural design without interruption. The V8 Supercharged 6.2L engine, with 660 hp and 881 nm torque, provides all the power to experience the sportiness of the GTZ (315 km/h maximum speed and 0-100 km/h in 3.7 sec).

The intuitiveness of the chassis offers an unparalleled driving pleasure in every condition. Limited to just 19 units, the GTZ allows to escape the mundane to enter the extreme at first glance.

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The ISO Rivolta GTZ represents Zagato’s Tribute to the brand, which in the 1960s and 70s carved out a prominent place in automotive history with its GT cars.

Energy, Heritage, Prestige, Passion, these are the core values that Zagato wants to communicate through the Neoclassic and Timeless design of this car.

The wave design of the GTZ side is the key junction between present and past, taking that inspiration from the ISO Rivolta A3 shape, which served for many iconic models over a long period. Officially it is inspired by the A3 “Berlinetta Stradale”, specially made for the French singer, and actor, Johnny Hallyday.

Same powerful heart: an American V8 engine by Corvette like in the original A3. The V8 Supercharged 6.2 litres allows it to be consistent with the historical partnership between ISO Rivolta and General Motors. As Renzo Rivolta started in the ‘60s: “We chose General Motors V8 engines for all our GT cars, because they go faster and don’t break when you close the hood.”

Through raw power and passionate design, ISO Rivolta GTZ allows to escape the mundane and enter the extreme. The flowing fender, the raked fastback, together with a curved windscreen and the side air vents, which extend the front profile, create a perfect elegant and proportioned car.

Through raw power and passionate design, ISO Rivolta GTZ allows to escape the mundane and enter the extreme. The flowing fender, the raked fastback, together with a curved windscreen and the side air vents, which extend the front profile, create a perfect elegant and proportioned car.

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